Chang Xiao (肖昶)


Research Scientist, Adobe Research

Contact: changxiao0731 at gmail dot com

I'm a Research Scientist at Adobe Research. I obtained my PhD at Columbia University. My research interests focus on human computer interaction and machine learning. I worked in Computer Graphics Group with Prof. Changxi Zheng. Previously, I got my bachelor degree in the College of Computer Science of Zhejiang University. I'm a recipient of the Snap Research Fellowship and Cheung-Kong Innovation Doctoral Fellowship.

News: We are hiring interns for 2023 summer. If you are interested in doing research in AR/VR/360 Video related field, please contact me!


VisGNN: Personalized Visualization Recommendationvia Graph Neural Networks.

Fayokemi Ojo, Ryan A. Rossi, Jane Hoffswell, Shunan Guo, Fan Du, Sungchul Kim, Chang Xiao, Eunyee Koh

Proceedings of the ACM Web Conference 2022, WWW '22

Paper (PDF)

Can one hear the shape of a neural network?: Snooping the GPU via Magnetic Side Channel.

Henrique Teles Maia, Chang Xiao, Dingzeyu Li, Eitan Grinspun and Changxi Zheng

USENIX Security 2022

Paper (PDF)

MoiréBoard: A Stable, Accurate and Low-cost Camera Tracking Method

Chang Xiao and Changxi Zheng

ACM User Interface Software and Technology, UIST 2021

Paper (PDF)     Video

DeepCAD: A Deep Generative Network for Computer-Aided Design Models

Rundi Wu, Chang Xiao and Changxi Zheng

International Conference on Computer Vision, ICCV 2021

Paper (PDF)     Project Page     Code

BackTrack: 2D Back-of-device Interaction through Front Touchscreen

Chang Xiao, Karl Bayer, Changxi Zheng and Shree K. Nayar

ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI 2021

Paper (PDF)     Video

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure: Resisting Adversarial Examples by Adversarial Examples

Chang Xiao and Changxi Zheng

Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR 2020

Paper (PDF)     Code

Enhancing Adversarial Defense by k-Winners-Take-All

Chang Xiao, Peilin Zhong and Changxi Zheng

International Conference on Learning Representations, ICLR 2020 (Spotlight Presentation)

Paper (PDF)     Code

Rethinking Generative Mode Coverage: A Pointwise Guaranteed Approach

Peilin Zhong*, Yuchen Mo*, Chang Xiao*, Pengyu Chen, and Changxi Zheng
(*equal contribution)

Neural Information Processing Systems, NeurIPS 2019

Paper (PDF)     Code

Vidgets: Modular Mechanical Widgets for Mobile Devices

Chang Xiao, Karl Bayer, Changxi Zheng and Shree K. Nayar

ACM Transactions on Graphics, SIGGRAPH 2019

Paper (PDF)     Video     Project Page

Mechanics-Aware Modeling of Cloth Appearance

Zahra Montazeri, Chang Xiao, Yun (Raymond) Fei, Changxi Zheng and Shuang Zhao

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics(TVCG), in press, 2019

Paper (PDF)     Video

BourGAN: Generative Networks with Metric Embeddings

Chang Xiao, Peilin Zhong, and Changxi Zheng

Neural Information Processing Systems, NeurIPS 2018 (Spotlight Presentation)

Paper (PDF)     Code

FontCode: Embedding Information in Text Documents using Glyph Perturbation

Chang Xiao, Cheng Zhang, and Changxi Zheng

ACM Transactions on Graphics, presented at SIGGRAPH 2018

Paper (PDF)     Video     Project Page

Two-Color and 3D Phase-Amplitude Modulation Holograms

Adam Overvig, Sajan Shrestha, Chang Xiao, Changxi Zheng and Nanfang Yu

Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), 2018